Advisory Council

The Effing Foundation Advisory Council is a group of folks with a wide range of life experiences and expertise who offer feedback to our staff and Board of Directors, including helping us review grant proposals. We are grateful to the members of our Advisory Council (listed in alphabetical order):

Dirty Lola


Dirty Lola ( / @DirtyLolashe/her

Dirty Lola is a sex edutainer, performer and dildo slinger. She has spent the last 6 years working to end stigma, shame, and lack of accurate and accessible sex education available through her live sex Ed Q&A and variety show, Sex Ed A Go Go and her job as manager of the woman run and owned sex shop, SHAG. 

She began her journey into sex education by sharing her personal discoveries in the kink and polyamory worlds with the internet. Now she uses that knowledge along with her warm, no holds barred approach to body and sex positivity to teach the masses. 

Lola has presented her brand of sex education and positivity at a variety of events and venues, including Catalyst Con, The Sex Expo, Southwest Love Fest, Baruch College, Hofstra University, UNF and UNM. She is currently taking her message to a wider audience as co-host and producer of the web series Sex Probz

J Mase III


J Mase III ( / IG @jmaseiii) he/him

J Mase III is a Black/Trans/queer poet & educator based in Seattle by way of Philly. As an educator, Mase has worked with community members in the US, UK, and Canada on the needs of LGBTQIA+ folks and racial justice in spaces such as K-12 schools, universities, faith communities and restricted care facilities. He is founder of awQward, the first trans and queer people of color talent agency. 

J Mase is author of And Then I Got Fired: One Transqueer’s Reflections on Grief, Unemployment & Inappropriate Jokes About Death as well as White Folks Be Trippin’: An Ethnography Through Poetry & Prose.

Currently, he is head writer for the theatrical production Black Bois and is co-editor of The Black Trans Prayer Book.

Taylor J Mace


Taylor J Mace ( / @feistyfoxfilms) they/he

Taylor J Mace is a white, nonbinary, transmasculine sex worker who is chronically and mentally ill. They are a queer, polyamorous, primarily-Dominant switch who lives below (and occasionally around) the poverty line in Toronto, Canada, though you can often find them gallivanting around North America. Their fascination with how the human brain and body work led them into the fields of independent sex work and sex education back in 2011, where they focus on mental health and disability advocacy, trans and sex worker issues, relationships, BDSM practices/guides, and sexual assault awareness and prevention.



Wendy Phillips ( / @thewenchworks) she/her

Wendy Phillips is a twenty-something sex educator, sex toy reviewer, and advocate for mental health. She is a kinky, polyamorous, lesbian who sometimes questions her sexuality when men like Jason Mamoa come into play.

Wendy founded her sex-centric blog The Wench Works in 2018 and has reviewed countless toys to help others find toys that are great for play and great for the body. She often finds herself advocating for affordable body-safe toys for all folks.

She has been featured in Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogs, along with being Sex Blogger of The Month for their series. Wendy has written many posts about allyship, orgasms, and sex toys for the Spectrum Journal, and hopes to continue to help and reach others with her articles.


Past Advisors

Crista Anne ( / @pinkness) she/her; 2017-2019

Crista Anne is a Professional Oversharer whose main focus centers around defying stigmas surrounding sexuality, mental illness, and motherhood. With 20 years of sharing her life online, she uses memoirist blogging and 16 years working in sexuality to educate on a wide variety of topics. “Internet famous” for her #OrgasmQuest, she loves to spark conversations on topics that some find taboo. As a poly, queer, cis woman, her pronouns are she/her.

Mr.BLK (The Black Pomegranate / @BlkPomegranate) he/him; 2017-2019

Mr.BLK is currently serving on our Board of Directors.

Kae Burdo  (@kaeburdo) they/them; 2017-2020

Kae Burdo is a sex, sexuality, and relationship educator & writer. They regularly contribute to the sex & relationships section of Bustle, writing and consulting on polyamory, kink, and queer topics, and were recently a guest on Vermont Public Radio’s Vermont Edition with Jane Lindholm (“What Constitutes Sexual Consent?”), focusing on the complexities of consent. Kae is the founder and president of Vermont Ethical Non-Monogamy (VENM), which is dedicated to creating social and educational spaces - both online and off - for polyamorous folk in (or attached to) Vermont. Previously, Kae sat on the board of Vermont Alternative Sexuality Education (VASE). They also offer workshops and presentations on polyamory, consent, and other sexuality-related topics for audiences of all ages.

Jamila Dawson ( / FB: Jamila M. Dawson / IN: jamiladsextherapy / @jamila_dawson) she/her; 2019-2020

Jamila Dawson, MA, LMFT is a sex therapist, pleasure activist, and speaker. Her goal: break down sexual stigma so people can design relationships that center imagination, connection, and liberation. Specifically, she focuses on integrating personal/professional development, supporting POC to thrive despite racial battle fatigue, and helping people in marginalized communities to explore their sexuality, enhance their relationships, and discover wellness through pleasure. She presents clinical trainings to mental health professionals and organizations and teaches classes on kink/BDSM, non-monogamy, and erotic play to individuals and partners. Jamila has lectured at USC, Antioch University Los Angeles, ASSECT Summer Institute, collaborated with a variety of sex educators as well as with Buzzfeed, Playboy, Harper’s BAZAAR and other media outlets.

Leslie Foster ( / @leslie_muse) he/him; 2017-2019

Leslie Foster is currently serving on our Board of Directors.

Cecilia Gentili she/her; 2018-2020

Cecilia Gentili currently serves as the Managing Director of Policy and Public Affairs at GMHC, the world’s first and leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. Originally from Argentina, Cecilia found her passion for advocacy and community service when she started working as an intern at the LGBT Community Center in New York City several years ago. From 2012 to 2016, she managed the Transgender Health Program at the Apicha Community Health Center. Cecilia is also a contributor to Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community, and a board member at Transcend Legal and Translatina Network. For fun, she loves performing at storytelling and stand-up comedy events where she talks about her life experiences. Cecilia is very passionate about advocating for her community, especially Latina transgender women who may have a history of sex work, drug use and incarceration.

Aida Manduley, LCSW ( / @neuronbomb) they/them; 2017-2020

Aida Manduley is an award-winning Latinx activist and presenter known for big earrings and building bridges. Trained as a sexuality educator, social worker, and nonprofit manager, they're working to make the world a more equitable place through education, therapy, and community organizing. Hailing from Puerto Rico with over a decade of activism under their belt, they have presented across North America on a variety of sexuality topics and their intersections with issues such as digital literacy and racial justice. Manduley completed their Master's of Social Work at Boston University—with a focus on aging populations—and holds a B.A. in Gender and Sexuality Studies from Brown University, where they won awards for leadership and fostering diversity. Past projects include sexual health and LGBTQ work at a domestic violence agency, crisis-response with victims of sexual assault, and leadership on a number of national and regional coalitions on HIV prevention, comprehensive sexuality education, and LGBTQ anti-violence. Their other areas of expertise include organizational development, sexual stigma, non-monogamy, kink/BDSM, and youth education.

Robin Wilson-Beattie ( / @sexAbled / sexAbled on Facebook) she/her; 2017-2019

Robin Wilson-Beattie is a disability and sexuality health educator and writer, teaching the world to embrace and explore your sexuality, regardless of ability. She is a member of the Association of American Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN), and a certified graduate and member of the San Francisco Sexuality Information Training (SFSI). Robin has been involved in sexuality education and awareness since high school. After acquiring a physical disability, she began in 2008 speaking on sexuality and disability topics and issues. She consults with individuals and organizations on issues of adaptive sexual support, and has had written articles and curriculum on this subject. Robin is a nationally recognized self and systems disability advocate. She is a deep-fried Southern girl, Sex Geek, comic book nerd, mid-century buff, and proud Mama of one amazing daughter.

Leila Zainab ( / @QueerDesiFemmeshe/they; 2019

Leila Zainab is a queer Muslim immigrant, South Asian-American scholar, activist, and organizer. Leila works at the intersections of reproductive health & justice, racial justice, gender equity & healing justice. Their research and trainings focus on transnational solidarity, intergenerational diasporic trauma & healing, systemic sexual violence, critical race, gender & queer theories. Leila is grounded in an intersectional, transformative justice model of organizing and co-creation. As a Leadership Team member of the Survivor Theatre Project, Leila advocates for survivors of sexual violence to thrive in a heavily silenced and trauma-stigmatized world. Leila holds a M.A in Gender/Cultural Studies from Simmons University & B.A from Clark University in Sociology and Gender Studies. She is currently attending law school at Western New England University School of Law. In their spare time, Leila enjoys dabbling in expressive arts, practicing spiritual nourishment, and loving up her feline comrade, Lily.