Is the information that I submit in the "Open Call for Submissions" private?


Yes! The only people who will have access to the specific information you share with us as part of the Open Call for Submissions are those individuals within our organization who will help decide which of the survey respondents will be asked for a full application: this is our staff who reviews the survey responses, the Advisory Council, and the Board of Directors.

We may share non-personally-identifiable demographic information about the survey responses as a whole (such as how many submissions were from people of color or how many submissions were from people with disabilities), but no individual, organization, or project names will be shared in connection with that information.

If you are asked to submit a full grant application, we may later ask your permission to share specific excerpts of those materials, but by default everything is assumed to be private and is only shared within our organization to the staff who review proposals, the Advisory Council (who review proposals), and the Board of Directors (who review proposals and make final funding decisions).

See our Privacy Policy for more details.