Partnership Program (Pilot)

We are currently developing a new Partnership Program as an alternative to our Grant Program for those sex-positive artistic and/or educational projects that plan to do their own fundraising and would like to offer additional benefits to their supporters.

The major differences between our partnership program and our grant program are:

  • For the grant program, the Effing Foundation is primarily responsible for raising the necessary funds. Grantees may assist with fundraising and help spread the word as they are able, but ultimately the Foundation has the responsibility of fundraising. Once funds are raised, the Effing Foundation awards a grant to each grantee.
  • For the partnership program, the partner project is primarily responsible for raising the necessary funds. The Foundation may help spread the word about fundraising efforts, but ultimately the partner project has the responsibility of fundraising. The Effing Foundation does not provide any funds to the partner project; no grant is made from the Foundation to the project.

A project that has partnered with the Effing Foundation agrees to let the Foundation receive and administer all funds for the project. This oversight means that the Effing Foundation can provide a guarantee to both project donors and to the IRS that project funds are being spent in accordance with our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt purposes, so donors' contributions are tax-deductible.

In exchange for the time and energy needed for project oversight, a portion of the funds received for a partner project are set aside for the Effing Foundation to use for our other programs and Foundation administrative costs. This administrative fee is subject to negotiation depending on project size and other factors, but would not usually be larger than 10%.

At this time, partnerships are offered by invitation only. Some of the factors we look for when selecting partners include:

  • Close alignment with our mission
  • A large, established audience
  • A body of work demonstrating project organizer(s) can Get Things Done
  • Some successful fundraising has already happened (through Patreon, crowdfunding campaigns, or other means)
  • Total project budget significantly larger than $2,500-$5,000