October 2014 Newsletter

Happy Fall, Passionate People!

So far, October is off to a great start with a trip to the sex/tech conference Arse Elektronika in San Francisco.  

Kristen and her collaborator, open source hardware hacker Jimmie P. Rodgers,  also presented their project-in-progress, "Keeping It Up Under Pressure: A DIY Vacuum Casting Rig for Body Casting."  Once they get the kinks worked out of the system (so to speak), they'll post more information on Kristen's personal blog, The Toymaker Project.

Our quest to relaunch as a nonprofit continues!

  • We recently sat down with Carol Queen of The Center for Sex & Culture! She was interested in our plans and shared a wealth of advice (and some cautionary tales) about starting a sex-positive nonprofit.
  • We're thinking about who to invite to be our first Board of Directors. It's tricky to find folks who we can trust who also have enough time and interest to work with us.
  • Rich Streitfeld (the Zen Mensch) has been helping with our accounting questions!

Thanks for following along on our adventures, and look for more updates on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  

~The Passionate Producers