Our Values

What are the values of the Effing Foundation?

Core values modeled by the Effing Foundation (both as an organization, and as individual staff, volunteers, Advisors, and Board members) and our grant applicants/grantees include:

  • Sex-positivity: Our definition of "sex-positivity" affirms the idea that consent-based, harm-reductive, health-informed sexuality is a fundamental human right. While related to sexual activity, sex-positivity also addresses ethics, values, identity, relationships and many other intersectional issues. We support asexual, demisexual, and other people on the asexual spectrum as part of our sex-positivity.
  • Art and education: As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, our focus is on promoting sex-positive projects which have artistic and/or educational value.
  • Scientific accuracy: Information provided as part of sexual education should be scientifically accurate and based in fact.
  • Inclusivity: To uphold sexuality as a right for all people, we support art and education that are inclusive of a wide range of potentially intersecting identities, including people of color, people of all physical and mental capabilities, people of all (a)sexual orientations, people of all genders and gender expressions, and intersex people, among others. We advocate for the use of language which is inclusive and mindful of marginalization. For example, information provided as part of sexual education should use body-centered language instead of gendered language (such as "penis owner" and "vulva owner" or "innies" and "outies"; avoid "men" and "women" or "female-bodied" and "male-bodied" when talking about people who have particular genitals.)
  • Sex worker solidarity: We recognize that sex work is work and that sex worker rights are fundamental to human rights.
  • Justice: We fight against racism, heterosexism, cissexism, ableism, sizeism, and other -isms, both in terms of individual bias and in terms of institutional systems of oppression.
  • Equity: We recognize that different individuals and groups may need different support based on multiple axes of marginalization, and we work to provide that support accordingly.

We recognize that these core values are ideals for our community to strive toward, since no individual can perfectly embody them. Our commitment to exploring and understanding sex-positivity includes a commitment to question these definitions, both in theory and practice, so that pleasure can become more accessible and equitable over time.