September 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to September!

This month, our fabulous grantee Dirty Lola of Sex Ed A Go Go is SheVibe's cover feature!
Dirty Lola as featured by SheVibe

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July 2018 Newsletter

Happy July!

Our newsletter this month is going to be very short: We've got one big announcement, and I wanted to make sure I let you know ASAP.

After awarding $40,000 in pilot grants, today we're launching our first grant cycle which is open to the public!

The first step in our grant process is completing the Open Call for Projects. This is a multi-page online survey where you tell us a bit about who you are and what you'd like to do. Submissions are due by 11:59pm US Eastern time on Wednesday, August 15.

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June 2018 Newsletter

Happy June to you!

I hope things are going well for you all this month! I have to confess that I'm feeling pretty stressed out at the moment -- I'm about to start traveling, some for fun and some to promote the Foundation. (YAY!) But at the same time, we're preparing for the next round of grants, and I'm only going to be home for less than 3 weeks out of the next 8. (EEK!)

This month I wanted to offer you a sneak peek from ( ) ("whole"), the experimental queer erotic film that received one of our pilot grants. The Effing Foundation is officially Executive Producer! (Can I even? Once again: No, I cannot even.)

The ( ) crew has been shooting in Philadelphia this week thanks to your Effing donations! Check out the amazing cast:

Cast of AORTA films' ( ) shooting "Opening Sequence"

From left, performers the Shape, Alice the Wolf, Ginny Woolf, Shay Knox, Parts Authority, Trouble Clef, Erykah Ohms, Evie Snax, Papi Femme, and Special Guest, shooting "Opening Sequence" for AORTA films' ( ). This film is made possible by a grant from the Effing Foundation!

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May 2018 Newsletter

A marvelous May to you!

Thanks to your support, our pilot grantees are out in the world doing fabulous sex-positive work! That said, I realized the other day that I'm not sure I've done a very good job of sharing their stories. What are these Effing resources actually doing?

Take, for example, our pilot grant to the Adipositivity Project by Substantia Jones. As Substantia says, she's "a fat woman and [her] photo-activism campaign serves people marginalized due to their size, gender, race, sexual expression, physical ability, and otherwise non-conforming bodies." In recent years, her photographs have been exhibited all over the world, including a solo exhibition at the Te Manawa Museum in Palmerston North, New Zealand; and as part of group exhibitions Graz, Austria; Sardinia, Italy; and at the Tate Modern in London.

Embracing couple captured by Substantia thanks to the Effing Foundation!

(Cute couple captured by Substantia thanks to the Effing Foundation!)

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April 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to April!

I am thrilled to announce that our Board of Directors has awarded two new grants this past month: Congratulations to More Than No and PolyDallas Millennium!

 PolyDallas Millennium
(More Than No, left; PolyDallas Millennium "Rewriting the Rules", right)

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March 2018 Newsletter

A marvelous March to you, friends and Effing supporters!

I absolutely meant to write you all last month to announce that our Board has awarded our first six sex-positive grants! But then right after the grants were approved, I was suddenly swamped with work as I added "Grant Administrator" to my list of roles at the Foundation. Whew! 

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