What We Do

We have one project that has been running for over five years: teasecraft, a meetup group for sex/kink-positive makers, hackers, and crafters. Kit first began working in sex-positive activism by building (hilariously nerdy) sex toys, sharing their knowledge, and encouraging other people to do the same.

After experiencing a number of obstacles in Kit's own work, including having a new bank account shut down after only 30 minutes, the Effing Foundation grew out of Kit's desire to affect widespread social change beyond crafting shiny sex toys.

What are we up to right now?

  • We run a grant program for sex-positive artistic and/or educational endeavors, and we've awarded grants to some amazing individuals, groups, and organizations
  • We can also put new funds towards more rounds of grants for sex-positive art and education! 
  • We need your donations to continue the work of the Foundation and make even more grants.

What else would we like to do? As we're able to grow the Foundation, we have a lot of ideas:

Goals Objectives

Award grants to individuals and groups with sex-positive educational and/or artistic endeavors











Assemble an Advisory Council of sex-positive subject-matter experts to advise the Board and assist with reviewing grant proposals

Identify pilot projects and raise funds for their grants

Recruit initial sex-positive project creators

Next 1-3 years

Continue to expand the grant program

Sell merchandise (including sex toys) to benefit the Foundation

Next 4-6 years
Launch a Speakers Bureau to help match sex-positive educators / artists / etc. with speaking or performance opportunities

Provide educational resources to sex-positive individuals and groups








Next 2-3 years
Publish a series of ebooks or courses on how to do public, sex-positive work as an educator or artist

Next 4-6 years
Create a sex-positive digital lending library (videos/books) in partnership with the Internet Archive (https://archive.org)

Publish information on preserving privacy and good how-to's of relevant software tools in partnership with an organization like the Open Internet Tools Project (https://openitp.org/)

Launch a knowledge repository for sex-positive projects (e.g., Instructables.com)

Provide social resources and support to sex-positive educators and artists




Next 2-3 years
Launch an online forum for people to find collaborators and share ideas

Next 4-6 years
Host or co-host a conference to provide opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences for people who are currently doing sex-positive work or who are interested in starting such work

Do you want to see more sex-positive goodness out in the world? Do you want to encourage more conversations around human sexuality? Please make a donation today.