Board of Directors



Camille Marlow she/her/Mx.

Camille is a NYC based family-woman who started out leading & working with nonprofit organizations in her childhood. She explores the effects & implications of civil and human rights in every aspect of society; coalescing around the founding principles of the United Nations and endeavors like it - - via high school, then college Model U.N. programs through to postgrad study.

In the spirit of proof of concept, Camille studied, traveled & worked internationally; equally dedicated to & intrigued by negotiation, meaningful relationship building and diplomacy. She is formally trained in peace studies, conflict resolution, de-escalation and mediation and has also put to use former posts as a judicial arbitrator as well as an ombudswoman.

Camille’s life’s work is in redesigning, reinvigorating and growing projects, services, products, programs and organizations which serve youth, communities and workers. Lived experiences and strategic business execution has also yielded a meticulous obsession around generating quality day-to-day operations. She’s found that investigations into corporate & organizational longevity rely on close studies around power dynamics, longitudinal demographic patterns, perceived versus stated or sometimes assigned identity, the influences of 'agency, inclusion and belonging' and related anthropological lenses.

Camille analyzes film/scripts & musical scores for artists and friends, writes poetry, paints and creates for kicks. She adores the diverse and myriad people gracing her life, tries to breathe deeply and take in nature's vistas & bestowed gifts. With the same practiced curiosity, she has pursued and earned an AB in History & Latin American studies, an MBA in organizational anthropology/cultural design, post graduate U.N. study as well as a fellowship in social impact. She aims to expand her advocacy, activism & allyship on behalf of any child & fellow human being.

Kit Stubbs, Ph.D.


Kit Stubbs, Ph.D., President & Founder (The Toymaker Project / @kit_stubbs_phd) they/them

Kit is a white non-binary/queer/trans maker and entrepreneur who's more interested in people than in technology. They have a Ph.D. in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, and their light-up dildo prototype 
"The Hammer" was named the #1 Geekiest Sex Toy by Kit has spoken on gender, sexuality, and sex/tech at events across the US including Arisia, Burning Man, Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE), Harvard Sex Week, the NELA Fetish Fair Fleamarket, and WisCon.

H. Leslie Foster II


Leslie Foster ( / @leslie_muse) he/him

Leslie Foster is a polyam, queer, cis male experimental filmmaker who has lived in Los Angeles for over a decade. As an artist, he strives to create work that is beautiful and uncomfortable and his love for storytelling is inspired by a childhood spent in Southeast Asia Leslie has shot music videos in Serbia, founded the 501(c)(3) Traveling Muse Pictures, spent five weeks undercover in Jamaica shooting a documentary about violent homophobia, gone to Burning Man eight times, and talked Vice Media into saying nice things about his art. His first solo show "Ritual Cycle" debuted in March 2016, followed by 2017 solo show, "59", for which he shot 11 films in 11 months with 11 different collaborators. He currently serves as the director of Art Residency at Level Ground and frequently daydreams about find sea-faring band of vagabond artists with whom to run away, fulfilling a childhood fantasy.

Michael Handler


Michael Handler, Secretary he/him
Michael Handler is a queer man living in San Francisco working in technology with a notable fondness for bears and bicycles and speculative fiction, which clearly distinguishes him from everyone else in his peer group, or something like that. He's been a sysadmin/ops person/devops/SRE for his entire career at companies like AOL, Google, and Stripe. Michael is currently part of the delightful team of humans at Quip, which was acquired by Salesforce in late 2016. He tries to expect the unexpected, knows technology is secretly actually all about people, and would like to remind you that wherever you go, there you are.

Jay Watts


Jay Watts (Jay Tha’ Loveologist/@JayThaLoveologist) she/they         
Jay Watts (She/They) is an Affrilachian Queer Sexuality & Diversity Scholar and currently a DE&I Vice President for a domestic violence organization. She has a Bachelors in Social Studies Education from the University of Louisville; Masters of Art in Human Services from Eastern Kentucky University; Master of Education in Cultural Foundations of Education; and nearing completion of a PhD in Mental Health with a focus in Race, Sexuality & Healing from Walden University in 2022. They have over a decade in Sexuality and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with experience in working with over 32 K-12 school districts, 17 higher education institutions, 4 National Conferences, and over 60,000 touch points in training. Her academic journals and writing can be found in the Diverse: Issues in Higher Education; Encyclopedia of Social Justice & Diversity; Journal of Social Research; ScholarWorks; and three in progress publications on sexual shame and sex & Necropolitics.

Jay is currently focusing her dissertation research on Sexual Racism’s Moderation on Sexual Shame and Sexual Satisfaction of Black Women. She also is an AASECT Sex Counselor & Sex Educator in Training and a Certified Sexologist through World Association of Sex Coaches and the American College of Sexologists International. Jay is the CEO of The Center for Inclusive Sexuality Education and Healing, LLC. where she offers sex education, toy consultation and sales, and a Clinical Sexologist with Washington Wellness Institute, LLC where she practices sex coaching and sex counseling.

Julia Tuttle


Julia Tuttle, Treasurer she/her
By day, Julia Tuttle is a Boston-based, CMU-trained software engineer; by night, she's a geeky kinkster. She plans to use her tech skills and connections to contribute to the Effing Foundation's sex-positive mission.

Past Directors

Emma Persky, she/her; President, 2016-2020

Emma Persky is a storyteller, geek, and adventurer originally from London now living in San Francisco. She's passionate about feminism, gender diversity in tech, and her cat Lollipop. Emma is thrilled to bring her interests and experiences in activism to the Effing Foundation.

Carlton Perry, he/him; President, 2020-2021

After serving on the Advisory Council and the Board, Carlton is now our Executive Director.