September 2022 Newsletter

Grant applications are open! 

Happy Autumn! It’s time for pumpkin spice lattes and the start of the Effing Foundation’s 2022-2023 grant cycle!

Applications open until 10/3

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June 2022 Newsletter

Happy Pride Month! 

June is Pride Month and at Effing we’re celebrating love, community, and radical, inclusive queerness! Pride Month is important to us because it uniquely embodies the sex-positive communities we serve.

Intersex-inclusive Progressive Pride Flag

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May 2022 Newsletter

It’s May, and everyone here at the Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity is looking at pleasure, exciting news for the summer, and the first of our Grantee Spotlights!

A winking yellow emoji next to the words May is Masturbation Month

May is Masturbation Month! 

As a part of our mission here at Effing, we work to reduce the shame and stigma around sex. Masturbation is unfortunately the source of a lot of sexual shame, despite being one of the most common sexual activities. A 2019 study indicated that 55% of Americans don’t talk about masturbation, yet 84% percent of Americans masturbate. A great deal of this misinformation comes from the myths that masturbation is unnatural, harmful, or somehow immoral. 

Masturbation is a natural part of human sexuality. It has a multitude of sexual, health, and physical benefits. It’s a way for people to (literally) get in touch with thier sexual needs and desires. Self pleasure is for every gender expression and every body type. It can be practiced in an accessible manner for many and can be enjoyed regardless of relationship status. We hope you’ll explore and enjoy Masturbation Month and the deeper subtext of what it means for sex-positivity.

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April 2022 Newsletter

Presenting Our Grant Recipients!

Finally, the wait is over and we can officially announce our 2021-2022 Grant Recipients! 

After several months and an exhaustive review process, the Effing Foundation Board of Directors chose ten projects to receive $5,000 grants to support their sex-positive artistic and educational work. The selection process was difficult because our overall pool of applicants represented some of the finest work in the sex-positive world at the moment. To everyone that applied: thank you for your time, energy, and labor. 

Now, presenting our newest grant recipients!

2021-2022 Effing Foundation Grantees

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January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2022

Welcome to 2022! As our attention and energy turns to the promises and possibilities of the new year, we’re excited to share some updates with everyone about the Effing Foundation and our community.

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