February 2019 Newsletter

Papi Femme embraces Ginny Woolf in (W/HOLE).


Happy February!

We’re definitely feeling the love this month. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for your word-of-mouth, donations, and well-wishes that helped us meet our funding goal of $75,000.

Yes, that means all 2019 Effing Foundation grants are now fully funded!

Sending special thanks to the Freeman Foundation for awarding us a grant to support our sex-positive educators and artists.

To learn about the 14 projects we’ve funded this year, visit effing.org. And be sure to follow The Effing Foundation on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates about our grantees’ important work. This week on social, we’ll be recognizing Valentine’s Day by celebrating love in all forms: polyamorous, queer, kinky, monogamous, ace/aromantic – and of course self-love too!

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