The Effing Foundation operates thanks to the work of our wonderful staff (below), Board of Directors and Advisory Council.


Carlton Perry


Carlton Perry (Executive Director) he/him
Perry has worked with the Foundation for many years in various roles. He is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion. Perry is also a well-known sex educator, rigger, and award-winning blogger. His disparate professional background as an SEO optimizer and dementia caregiver allows him to approach life with a balance of clinical pragmatism and fastidious attention to care, competence, and understanding. Perry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and is pursuing his graduate degree.

Koko Li, Effing Foundation Administrator


Li (Administrator) they/them

Li (they/them) is currently a masters of arts student in urban planning & policy at Tufts University. They have a background and interest in grassroots community organizing and issues of displacement and community control of land and affordable housing. They are working on their homesteading skills and dream of owning collective land with QTBIPOC (queer and trans black, indigenous, and people of color) fam and building our own affordable communities and creating the material means for futures where we can thrive.

Li is always excited by organizations and peoples trying to provide resources for QTBIPOC folks who are extremely marginalized in the conventional fundraising processes. They are always working on expanding their financial planning skills and hope to help QTBIPOC folks plan their personal finances, start businesses, and figure out how to pool collective resources to invest in our own community development and wealth building.