November 2014 Newsletter

Good morning, Passionate People!

I was recently featured in the Fast Company piece, "Why The Future Of Sex Is Not (Necessarily) A Robot," by Lux Alptraum. Thanks to all the new subscribers who clicked on over from there!

In the piece, Lux describes me as running "a crowdfunding startup for sexuality-focused technology," which isn't the whole story. The whole story looks something more like this:

I started out doing sex blogging and making hilarious sex toys, realized I'd love to manufacture a sex toy, discovered that crowdfunding it would be impossible on most extant platforms, and launched a startup. That began a quest which ended up with my realizing that my career goals are really much broader than just manufacturing a toy, and I'm now relaunching my startup as a nonprofit.  Our mission is to reduce sexual shame by fostering sex-positive artists, activists, educators, and entrepreneurs.

This month I'll be approaching potential board members, and I'm also going to try my hand at starting an online campaign in support of a sex-positive project: The Sex Letters Project, run by sex-positive artist/educator/organizer Nicole Mazzeo.

For The Sex Letters Project, ordinary people contribute letters about what they wished they had known about sex when they were teenagers. I've found the letters posted so far to be very moving, and writing my own letter was a powerful experience for me.

And so, Passionate People: After you've read my letter, I challenge you to submit your own. You can be anonymous or not, it doesn't matter to me.  Once you've submitted your letter, challenge your friends to do the same. Let's build The Sex Letters Project into an even more awesome and diverse educational resource!

Thanks for following along on my adventures, and look for more updates on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  

~Kristen Stubbs, Ph.D.