December 2014 Newsletter

Happy December, Passionate People!

The #sexletterschallenge is on! Last month I launched the Sex Letters Challenge, encouraging my friends to write letters to their teenage selves about what they wished they had known about sex. So far four of those letters have been published on The Sex Letters Project, which is run by my friend and fellow activist Nicole Mazzeo of Pleasure Pie.  Go check out these wonderful letters by Hazel, Jason, Micah, and Danielle (trigger warning), and then submit your own.

November was also an awesome month for sex-positive, crowdfunded projects! I had a great conversation with Alexandra Fine (@damefine), CEO of DAME Products, whose hands-free vibrator, the Eva, has raised over half a million dollars so far. (If you want one yourself, you've got until December 5!)  

I also spoke with Ph.D. student Justin O'Hearn, who raised enough money to purchase two extremely rare pieces of Victorian erotica: first editions of Teleny and Des Grieux, which may be connected to Oscar Wilde. These books will become accessible to the public through the University of British Columbia Library. Des Grieux has never been accessible to the public before, so this is a really exciting time for sex-positive scholars and all those of us who are fascinated by the history of smut!  

I'm looking forward to collaborating with both Alexandra and Justin as my nonprofit gets off and running. Speaking of which...

This month I expect to be polishing up my strategic plan and cleaning up my budget so that I can send out lots of information to prospective board members.  I'm not sure how far I'll get, given my travel plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I'll do the best I can.

Whether the winter holidays are a happy time of year for you or a difficult time of year for you, I hope that you get what you need from the rest of 2014.

~Kristen Stubbs, Ph.D.

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