February 2015 Newsletter

To my dearest Passionate People,

I hope 2015 is going well for you all so far! I'm trying to stay warm despite all this snow we're getting in the Northeast. ;)

Money makes the world go 'round...I spent much of January working with fiscal projections and rough budgeting for the new nonprofit. Right now, I'm estimating our  crowd-directed grantmaking program will give away over $300,000 to sex-positive projects in its first 18 months. In order to make that happen, I'll have to raise at least $42,000 this year. I'm not ready yet, but...consider this a heads-up that I will be asking you all for donations later this year.

Are you ready for The Mod? My amazing friends at Comingle have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to build The Mod (Multivibrating Open-Source Dildo).  You don't need to be a programmer to load different apps onto the Mod -- but if you want to get down and dirty, it's all Arduino under the hood. You'll have many sensing and control options to play with (so to speak)! The team is committed to great documentation, open access, and community engagement. If you want to support open-source sexware, grab your Mod by Valentine's Day.

More fun with the #sexletterchallenge! Have you submitted a letter to your teenage self yet? Here are some words of wisdom from recently posted letters:

  • "Your desires will bring you and others joy. Enjoy them without justification or apology." -- Fay's letter
  • "Masturbation is awesome. Yes, my entire letter is to come and tell you that it’s totally cool that you’d rather masturbate than go find someone to have sex with." -- Mary's letter

Keep warm, and I wish you all a very sex-positive February!

~Kit Stubbs, Ph.D.

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