September 2015 Newsletter

Part 1

Happy September, everyone!

This month's newsletter is a two-parter: we're finally switching our newsletter over to be sent out by [email protected], and we want to make sure all of you are able to make that transition with us.

This email is coming to you from [email protected], our old email address. Shortly after you receive this email, you should receive Part 2 of the newsletter from [email protected], our new email address. If you don't see Part 2, please check your Spam folder or other filters and update them accordingly.

Thanks for your patience!

Part 2

Congratulations! If you're reading this message, you are receiving the Effing Foundation newsletter from our new email address, [email protected]. Huzzah!

If this message was in your Spam folder, please consider marking it "Not Spam." If you use filters on your email that rely on our old email address ([email protected]), now is probably a good time to update those, too.

If you're not interested in receiving these updates anymore, feel free to go ahead and click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of this message. (You can go ahead and do that right now, even. No hard feelings.)

For folks who would like to stay subscribed: Thank you! Work on the Effing Foundation has been moving pretty slowly since I have been on vacation during much of August. That said, here are a few upcoming events that might interest you:

  • Cambridge, MA: Thursday, September 10, I will be exhibiting some of my toys, The Hammer and the TARDIS Tickler, as part of the Sextacular Show! For more details and tickets, see .
  • Somerville, MA: Friday, September 18, I will be hosting the next teasecraft kinky maker meetup, "Let's Construct Some Kink Toys with Agreeable Agony!" For more details, see (free registration required to view link).
  • San Francisco, CA: October 2-4, I will be presenting at the sex/tech conference Arse Elektronika. This year's theme is "Shoot Your Workload: Sex, Work, and Tech." If you want to meet a variety of awesome sex geeks, I highly recommend Arse!

Thanks again for sticking with me and continuing to support the Effing Foundation. <3

~Kit Stubbs, Ph.D.

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