May 2016 Newsletter

A Merry May to you, my marvellous mates!

After the umpteenth time going into therapy and saying how the Effing Foundation is going soooooooo sloooooooowly, my therapist gently pointed out, "Every building needs a foundation. That's what you're doing: building a foundation."

Suddenly, I felt a lot better. Building the foundation of a building isn't glamorous, it takes time, and once the building is completed most people won't notice it. But your building won't last very long without a solid foundation.

Rather than lamenting another month of Things Going Slowly, this month I'll just say that I'm progressing on the foundation of our Foundation.  I've been working on our bylaws, a Board Guidebook for our Directors, updating our three-year budget, and researching fundraising techniques.

Launching the Effing Foundation is its own challenge since we're trying to build the infrastructure to support sex-positive people and projects, rather than executing all of these projects ourselves. (It's like we're building the United Way, but for human sexuality.) I'm a little nervous about asking people to donate money to build infrastructure, but I'm convinced this is necessary for us to foster large-scale, cultural change.

Aside from foundation building, this month I'm getting ready to come out to my parents about my non-binary gender and my new-to-them name and pronouns -- so this month's bonus links are a couple of my favorite articles about gender:

  • Justin Hubbell's comic "The Great Divide" offers a great overview of why the gender binary is a problem.
  • For a more in-depth look about the social construction of sex and gender, I highly recommend West Anderson's guide "What is Gender?".

Good luck with all of your own May endeavors!

~Kit Stubbs, Ph.D.

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