August 2016 Newsletter

August, ahoy!

This past month has been a whirlwind of trips for me. It's been great to see old friends and meet new ones! (Speaking of which: Welcome, new subscribers!)

Dr. Kit Stubbs at HOPE XI: Hacking Sex

The highlight of my month was presenting "Hacking Sex: Toys, Tools, and Tips for Empowerment and Pleasure" at HOPE XI in NYC. I covered a broad range of topics, from broadening our definition of what "counts" as sex to crowdfunded sex toys, the sex toy patent troll, 3D printing, and working with silicone. You can watch my talk, skim the slides, and find lots of resources at .

This was the second time I was selected to present at HOPE on sex-positivity! My first HOPE talk two years ago was "The Sex Geek As Culture Hacker," in which I share a lot of my personal experiences in doing public sex-positive advocacy -- you can watch it at

This month there was also a bit of good news for creators who use Patreon, a platform that enables them to accept donations from fans for producing content on a regular basis -- Lux Alptraum reported that "creators operating under the 'adult content' banner on Patreon can now accept payments through PayPal (or, more accurately, its subsidiary Braintree)." As Bacchus of ErosBlog points out, Patreon still forbids porn (without defining what it is), but it's possible this is the best deal they could get.  

This news reminds me why the mission of the Effing Foundation is so important: sex-positive artists and educators still face discrimination by payment processors, and Effing grants to these projects are sorely needed!

I'll be back in a month with more updates and articles. Thanks again for your support!

~Kit Stubbs, Ph.D.

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