January 2021 Newsletter

Hello, everyone, and welcome to 2021!

This month we're excited to share with you the My Black (Gr)Ace series, published on The Body Is Not An Apology, written by Grace B. Freedom with support from the Effing Foundation!

"My gray demi asexuality is not about what I am without but more like where I am full." - Grace B. Freedom, Effing Grantee

Part 1: Rejecting Fetishization and Lack: Claiming the Fullness of My Black Demisexuality

Part 2: Sharing This Breath: What Sex Looks Like for Me As A Graydemisexual Ace

Grace B Freedom (all pronouns combined with they/them pronouns) is a Black Genderfluid Queer creator of the Black Love and Care (BLaC) Ethic . She has been described as a penetrative and inescapable force, but mostly they want to be in deep conversations that are guided by mutual tenderness and curiosity that center a BLaC ethic . You can find them asking a lot of questions and sharing their freedom practices on Instagram @madquestionasker and you can follow her writing on Patreon @madquestionasker.

Thanks to all of our donors whose support made our grant to Grace possible!

It's a new year! If, like us, you're still at home staring at the same four walls, why not spruce them up with a copy of the Adipositivity Project 2021 Wall Calendar?  Photographer Substantia Jones is a two-time Effing Foundation grant recipient who shoots gorgeous nude photographs of fat and superfat people celebrating their bodies and sexualities.

The Adipositivity Project 2021 Wall Calendar

A portion of calendar sales benefit World Central Kitchen, helping to feed the world's hungry. And just to make things clear, while the Adipositivity 2021 Calendar is Extremely Fabulous, it is also probably NSFW unless you work at Naked Fat Person Land.

While 2020 is finally over, we all have a lot of work ahead of us to create a more just and equitable society. For our part, The Effing Foundation needs your help to support amazing sex-positive artists like Grace and Substantia. Please make a contribution today!


Kit Stubbs, Ph.D., Founder & Executive Director ([email protected])