February 2021 Newsletter

The year 2020 was a historic one for Black people. The threat of the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in February, tragically affecting the Black community in disproportionate numbers. In May, the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police ignited a social movement that hasn’t been seen in the U.S. since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. Passionately, definitely, proudly, millions of Black people (and their allies) declared that Black Lives Matter. 

The movement of 2020 has carried into this Black History Month in 2021. Black Lives Still Matter. Black bodies, minds and hearts matter. Black sexuality and pleasure matter. The Effing Foundation has worked since its inception to center Black sexuality by supporting the amazing art and education projects that are created by BIPOC. In honor of Black History Month, the Effing Foundation centers and celebrates Black excellence by focusing on some of the artists and educators we’ve had the honor of working with. 

Celebrating Black Pleasure & Black Sexuality today and every day

The Advisory Council 

Black excellence is apparent in the Effing Foundation’s Advisory Council, whose members include several preeminent Black Sex Educators. As part of the Advisory Council, Wendy Phillips (she/her) and J Mase III (he/him)  share their considerable knowledge, guiding grantees through the application process. J Mase III is a  past recipient of Effing Foundation grants for The Black Trans Prayer Book. Check out Wendy Phillips's work at The Wench Works.

Centering the Black Experience - Past and Present Grantees

Ruby Johnson, LCSW, LCDC (she/her)  is an Effing grantee and the driving force behind Poly Dallas Millennium, a three day conference which centers the range and diversity of Black love and Black sex-positive lifestyles. In 2020, PDM went virtual for the first time, creating space for Black and Brown educators, artists, and entertainers. The way this platform brought people together virtually was especially important, during the time of COVID. 

It’s important to show the richness and diversity of Black Sexuality. Effing Grantee Grace B. Freedom (she/they) is the creator of My Black (Gr)Ace, which explores their grey demi asexuality through the Black perspective. Part 1 and Part 2 of the My Black (Gr)Ace series are available now via The Body is Not An Apology.

Black sexuality matters. Black pleasure matters. At the forefront of this conversation are Dalychia (she/her) and Rafaella (she/her) of Afrosexology. Through their work, Afrosexology centers Black bodies, Black pleasure and ways to express and explore Black sexuality. 

These fabulous humans highlight some of the amazing artists and educators creating space for Black sexuality. The Effing Foundation renews its commitment to supporting Black sexuality creators, acting as authentic allies and affirming that all Black Lives Matter. 

Please consider donating to the Effing Foundation, as we continue our work to reduce sexual shame by supporting sex-positive artists and educators. 


With gratitude for your continued support,

Mr.BLK (he/him)
President, The Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity