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Right now we can only accept online donations through PayPal. PayPal charges us 2.9% of your donation plus $0.30, so if you can increase your donation by 2.9%, we'll receive the amount you actually intended to donate. (The whole donation is tax-deductible, including that fee.)

Donating through PayPal does not require a PayPal account: if you have one, you can use it, but you can also just enter a credit or debit card.

If you'd like to avoid PayPal and/or processing fees altogether, we are delighted to accept checks to: The Effing Foundation; PO Box 441497; Somerville, MA 02144. (If nothing else, it gets Kit out of the house for a walk to the Post Office!) You can write the check out yourself, or, if your bank supports online bill pay, you may be able to have the bank write and mail the check for you.

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