March 2018 Newsletter

A marvelous March to you, friends and Effing supporters!

I absolutely meant to write you all last month to announce that our Board has awarded our first six sex-positive grants! But then right after the grants were approved, I was suddenly swamped with work as I added "Grant Administrator" to my list of roles at the Foundation. Whew! 

Needless to say: Thank you again to all of you who contributed to our pilot fundraising campaign and made this possible. Our first official Effing Foundation grant recipients are:

I look forward to sharing updates from these projects with you over the coming months!

My other sex-positive tidbit for you this month is #StopSESTA -- SESTA is a misguided online surveillance bill already passed by the US House that's expected to be up for a vote in the Senate on March 12. Sex workers have clearly spoken out against it as has the Electronic Frontier Foundation -- it's censorship that takes away online tools that sex workers use to stay safe. Take a moment to contact your Senators with this call script by @MassSWAN.

Thank you again for your support of sex-positivity!

Kit Stubbs, Ph.D.
Founder & Executive Director

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