July 2018 Newsletter

Happy July!

Our newsletter this month is going to be very short: We've got one big announcement, and I wanted to make sure I let you know ASAP.

After awarding $40,000 in pilot grants, today we're launching our first grant cycle which is open to the public!

The first step in our grant process is completing the Open Call for Projects. This is a multi-page online survey where you tell us a bit about who you are and what you'd like to do. Submissions are due by 11:59pm US Eastern time on Wednesday, August 15.

For a lot more information about our grant process, including who can apply and how it works, visit our Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions. If you'd like more announcements specifically about the grant program, or you're only interested in the grant program and not this monthly newsletter, you can visit https://www.effing.org/unsubscribe to update your email preferences.

Please help us spread the word! Send your friends / colleagues / favorite sex-positive artists & educators over to http://www.effing.org/grants -- we want to know about everyone's amazing projects!

If you have questions about the grant program or you'd like to chat about the Effing Foundation in general, you can find me at:

Thank you again for helping us bring more sex-positive awesomeness into the world!

Kit Stubbs, Ph.D.
Founder & Executive Director

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