December 2018 Newsletter

Happy December, friends!

I can hardly believe 2018 is almost over: A year ago we were raising money for our very first pilot grants. We spent the past twelve months helping our grantees do magical things, and then we started the whole process over again!

Honestly, the hardest part of starting a not-for-profit has been the "asking people for money" part, but it's what I've got to do again this month because I want to see a more sex-positive future. We have an outstanding group of grant candidates, and we need your help to get these projects off the ground.

Fund A Sex-Positive FutureFund a sex-positive future!

If you've got any funds left in your giving budget for 2018—particularly if you have an employer who will match your contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations—please take a moment to donate.  You can contribute with no fees via PayPal (more money for us, yay!) or you can use one of the other methods available on our Donate page. (And then go report your contribution, for employers with corporate gift matching!)

Why is the Effing Foundation so important? I could go on and on (and I feel like I already have, talking to many of you!) but here are a few words from one of our grant candidates, the amazing artist and educator Yoseñio V. Lewis:

My whole life I've acknowledged and addressed the various intersections that make up peoples' lives and influence the way they interact with others.  Sometimes acknowledging these intersections can elicit discomfort, shame and fear, which can lead to (self-) destructive behavior. One of the most significant intersection components is how we experience sex/sexuality.  Some of us in the United States have recognized the importance of working to remove shame, guilt and fear from how we experience sexuality. I am proud to be one of several who advocate for a more positive and sustaining view on how to understand and participate in desire.  Funds from the Effing Foundation will allow me to expand my reach to remind people that we cannot live our lives in silos...compartmentalization does not honor the full breadth of who and how we are.  It's important to honor our sexuality AND to recognize the impact of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, class, geographical location, survivor status, etc., on attaining optimal sexual health.  Please help me do my work and make a difference by giving to the Effing Foundation!

~ Yoseñio V. Lewis, Grant Candidate (emphasis added, used with permission)

Together, we will support the work of Yoseñio, and of all of our grant candidates, to break the silence, shame, and silos around sex and sexuality. Right now, we're about a third of our way to our goal. Thank you to those of you who have already contributed, and I hope that more of you will donate right now. (Quick! Before you forget or get swept up in New Years' festivities!)

2018-2019 Fundraiser Progress

Thanks for sticking with us for another year and for helping us build a more sex-positive future!

Kit Stubbs, Ph.D.
Founder & Executive Director

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