Black Futures in Sex-Positivity: February 2020 Newsletter

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As another Black History Month comes to an end, let’s look to the future by celebrating the Effing grantees who are creating sex-positive resources and a whole lot of joy for the Black community.



Society gives us a lot of messages about sex, how to have sex, when to have sex, who to have sex with, and how Black bodies should be having sex. To break through these barriers we must be open to conversation. That’s why Dalychia & Rafaella (pictured above) are creating education, exploration, and reclaiming of Black sexuality. through online resources featuring Black people of varying genders and sexual orientations discussing their sexualities.

Afrosexology just launched The Intercourse Project, with the goal of ending generations of secrets, shame and trauma. Watch the latest videos from Afrosexology here.



The #BlackTransPrayerBook is an interfaith, multi-dimensional, artistic and theological work that collects the stories, poems, prayers, meditations, and incantations of Black Trans & gender non-conforming contributors. The co-editors Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi (she/her) and J Mase III (he/him), as Black Trans people, are looking to have a theology that incorporates the fullness of who we are. As beings deserving of care, Black Trans community wishes to claim a radical theology which is honest about our sexual practices.

Pre-order Black Trans Prayer Book today!


My Black Gr(ACE)

Grace B. Freedom (she/they; San Jose) is bringing visibility to the Black gray/demisexual (ace) experience through the creation of written works that describe personal experiences in centering Black joy, Black pleasure and Black rest. By decentering white cisheteronormative understandings of pleasure, this project expands the notion of what is conventionally seen as sexual. Follow The Effing Foundation on Facebook and Twitter for updates on this project as they’re announced.

For Hire Enterprises

Kevin A. Patterson (he/him) is one of the leaders of For Hire Enterprises, working to release two books about polyamorous relationships. The first book offers education about common polyamorous mistakes, including several personal stories that correspond with each mistake, and how to address them through research, communication, respect, and emotional literacy. The second is an anthology of feel-good relationship stories that could only exist in a polyamorous context.

Watch Kev and his wife Antoinette discussing their polyamorous marriage on The Tamron Hall Show.


“The Black Girl’s Guide to Surviving Menopause” Podcast

A multi-media dialogue project seeking to share the experiences, stories, and realities of Black women and femmes over 50, Decolonizing the Crone is a curated intergenerational exchange, a space for exploration, mentorship, intimacy and vulnerability around life, identity and change. The podcast was born from a series of conversations between older Black women and femmes who are negotiating the different stages of menopause along with their ever-evolving identifies, relationships, careers, responsibilities and societal tropes.


Sean Saifa Wall 

This collaboration between disabled artist Riva Lehrer and activist and researcher Sean Saifa Wall (he/him; Atlanta, GA) takes the form of a nude portrait. This painting will push the edge of our understanding of intersex bodies, while returning the gaze to a Black intersex body, as the only representation of a Black intersex person to date was by Dr. Jonathan Neill at the University of Pennsylvania in 1831.

If you’re looking for a Black sex educator, get in contact with
Jimankia Eborn (she/her; LA) of Trauma Queen Podcast, HonestlyNae (she/her; Colorado), and Yoseñio V. Lewis (he/him; San Francisco).


And look no further than eros&persephone for photos that celebrate Black sexuality. You can also follow lola rose eros on Instagram.


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