March 2021 Newsletter

This March, at the Effing Foundation, we’re looking back over the last year, while planning for the exciting things the future holds. 

In March 2020, the world as we knew it changed, as COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, and the world shut down in response. As a result, the Effing Board of Directors decided to pause the 2020-2021 grant cycle and instead to focus on supporting past grant recipients. This was the right decision, although it was difficult. By not having a grant cycle last year, we at Effing felt that was the best way to hold space for the communities we serve. During the downtime, Effing's Board, Advisory Council members, staff and founder have worked behind the scenes to make the organization stronger than ever during this challenging time. 

Interview with The Seventh Wave

Seventh Wave Interviews with Thought Leaders

To say that 2020 was a challenge would be an understatement. Many of the communities that Effing supports were particularly hard hit, both by the impact of the pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn. Despite the challenges and the losses, our communities responded, finding new ways to support sex positively and each other though some difficult times. Although these challenges have persisted into 2021, the push for vaccinations and new efforts to combat the virus offer hope that getting the pandemic under control is achievable and life can return to a new normal. 

Recently, our founder, Dr. Kit Stubbs, and I had chance to talk with Joyce Chen of The Seventh Wave about the Effing Foundation, sex-positivity, and why sex-positive arts and education are so vital, especially now. Follow our social media for links when the interview goes live! 


Effing Grants Return For 2021! 

9/1/2021 Grant Applications open! Ten $5,000 awards for sex-positive art & education

The Effing Foundation's grant cycle returns for 2021-2022! 

With a renewed sense of optimism about the future, the Effing Foundation is excited to announce the return of our grant cycle for 2021-2022. Starting September 1st, grant applications open. Grant applications will be open until September 30th, giving applicants a full month to complete their applications. The grant application evaluation process will run through March 2022, when we’ll announce the ten recipients of $5,000 grants that will support the work of sex-positive artists and educators. 

Throughout the spring and summer, leading up to September, the Effing Foundation will have lots of information and resources available for grant applicants. Effing is invested in your success and we want everyone to have the tools to create their best grant applications. We look forward to engaging with everyone, answering your questions and ultimately, reviewing your amazing proposals!


Stay Connected

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of using communication as a way to create a sense of community. Stay connected with Effing on Twitter, Facebook and through our website, for updates and relevant sex-positve info. 



The Effing Foundation relies on the generous support of our donors to continue our mission of reducing sexual stigma and shame by supporting sex positive arts and education. Learn more about the many ways you can donate to the Effing Foundation.

As always, thank you for your continued support. 


MrBLK (he/him)
President, The Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity

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