October 2021 Newsletter

The Grant Cycle is Underway! 

Just as the weather begins to cool down, work on the 2021-2022 grant cycle is heating up here at the Effing Foundation! 

Submissions closed on October 1, and we’ve been amazed at the quality and creativity of the sex-positive art and educational projects that were submitted. It’s a testament to the communities we serve that despite the upheaval of the last year, so many people continue to create high-level work. 

The close of submissions signals the start of our hardest work here at Effing, evaluating and choosing projects. This thoughtful and deliberate process will occur over the next several months, culminating with the awarding of ten Effing Foundation grants on March 31, 2022. 

Much of this work is carried out by our Advisory Council, who collectively bring a wealth of life experiences and sex-positive knowledge to the table. The AC and Effing's staff work in tandem throughout the evaluation process before presenting the chosen finalists to Effing’s Board of Directors, who make the ultimate decision on this cycle’s grant recipients.

Congrats to Carlton and Kit on their new roles

Our New Executive Director (Carlton!) 

You may have noticed that for the past month, I’ve written the newsletters, signing them "Executive Director."  Please allow me to introduce myself, officially. My name is Carlton Perry (he/him), and I’m the new Executive Director of the Effing Foundation. 

Although I’m new to this particular role, I’m not new to the Effing Foundation. My time with Effing began in 2017, when Dr. Kit Stubbs offered me the opportunity to be the first member of the Advisory Council. I served on the AC during Effing’s inaugural grant cycle, continuing in that capacity until I joined the Board of Directors in 2019, ultimately serving as Board President. 

In my personal and professional life, engagement in the sex-positive community has been a priority for me. My role as Effing’s Executive Director is an opportunity for me to serve the community in a meaningful way. I’m honored and humbled by the responsibility I’ve been tasked with. 

I have to thank Kit for their guidance and patience with me as I’ve transitioned to this new role. Their help has been profoundly generous and supportive as I begin to lead Effing to its next stage of growth and evolution. 

Our New Board President (Kit!) 

You may have noticed I’ve described these changes as a transition, not as a succession. As I settle into the role of Executive Director, Dr. Kit Stubbs (they/them) is moving to the roles of Effing Board member and Board President. 

In many ways, Kit is Effing. They founded the nonprofit, built it and for a decade have been the driving force behind the Foundation. Without Kit’s leadership, Effing wouldn’t exist. Kit’s role in Effing will continue, as they’ve accepted a seat on the Board of Directors and a position as the Board President. Kit will continue to lead, albeit in a different capacity. Both Effing and I are fortunate to benefit from Kit’s talents now and in the future. 

Supporting Effing’s Mission 

Effing’s mission to reduce the shame and stigma surrounding sex is supported largely by donations. By supporting Effing, you’re directly supporting the work of people in our communities who are holding space and creating impactful sex-positive art and education. 

All donations are meaningful and help to assist the work we do at Effing. Learn how you can support the Effing Foundation as a contributor. As always, thank you for your continued support. 



Carlton Perry (he/him) 
Executive Director, The Effing Foundation