How much time do I have to use grant funds?

If I or my group/organization is awarded a grant, is there a time limit for using the funds?


If your work is part of a 501(c)(3) organization or you have a fiscal sponsor, not really: we write the full amount of your grant check to your organization or fiscal sponsor, and it's up to you to decide your timeline.

If the Effing Foundation becomes your fiscal sponsor for the work, we ask that you use your funds within eighteen months. After that time, if you still have funds remaining, we'll try to reach out to you. We absolutely understand that Life Happens and that the work takes the time that it takes, and we're trying to balance that against the Foundation's need to be able to budget for future commitments. If you let us know what's going on and what your plan is for the rest of the funds, that's great! If you aren't available or can't give us an update on when you'll be using the remaining funds, the Effing Foundation will take back any remaining funds from your grant for use in future years.