When the Open Call for Submissions asks about "the people who run your group or organization," what does that mean?

In the version of the Open Call for Submissions for groups or organizations, several questions ask about "the people who run your group or organization, including you." What does that mean, and why are you asking?


When we say "people who run your group or organization," we are interested in the people who have leadership or driving roles. The Foundation is particularly interested in funding groups and organizations where marginalized people lead the creative process and/or the decision making process.

Different groups and organizations are structured differently, but here are some things to consider to help you figure out who to include as "people who run your group or organization" in terms of our survey questions:

  • If your group is fairly small and all of you will be putting in about the same amount of time and energy into the work, it's all of you.
  • If your group or organization has a leadership team or committee of some kind, a group of people who are responsible for setting the direction of the work that you do, that's probably the people we are talking about.
  • If you aren't sure, you can think about who will drive the work forward, facilitate the creative process, or facilitate the decision-making process.
  • If you still aren't sure, contact us with your situation and we'll try to help.