What is the timeline for the next grant cycle?


Our current schedule for the 2019-2020 grant cycle is as follows:

  • May 1: Open Call For Submissions (online survey) goes live
  • July 31 (two months): Open Call for Submissions closes at 11:59pm US Eastern time
  • Aug 1-Aug 25 (3.5 weeks): Advisory Council & staff review responses and select 16 applicants to submit full applications
  • Aug 26-Sept 20 (3.5 weeks, although includes Labor Day weekend): Applicants write full applications
  • Sept 22-Oct 13 (3 weeks): Advisory Council & staff review applications
  • Oct 15-Oct 22 (1 week): Applicants receive their feedback, ask questions of reviewers, and start revisions
  • Oct 15-Oct 30 (2 weeks): Applicants finish revisions & submit final versions of their applications
  • Nov 1-Nov 8 (1 week): Advisory Council & staff update reviews if anything changed significantly as a result of revisions
  • Nov 9-Nov 24 (2 weeks): Board reviews proposals & votes on grants
  • Sometime between Nov 25 - Dec 2: Grant candidates announced

By the end of November, the Board of Directors will have decided how much funding to award which applications. We'll let everyone know and continue fundraising. Funds disbursement will begin in early 2020 or as soon as we've raised enough funds.

These dates are available in the official Effing Foundation calendar; instructions on how to view it or add it to your own calendar are available through Google Drive.