What types of submissions are you looking for?


The Effing Foundation promotes sexuality education and artistic expression of sexuality, which can include many different types of activities. We accept submissions from individuals, from groups, and from organizations; no fiscal sponsorship is required to apply. We offer general support for ongoing work as well as support for specific, one-off projects.

For ongoing work, we offer general support to help groups and individuals continue what they've been doing or help to take their work to the next level. Examples of grants to support ongoing work to organizations include our grants to the Survivor Theatre Project and the Native Youth Sexual Health Network). We also offer general support to individuals who are doing ongoing sex-positive work (giving presentations, running workshops, making YouTube videos, etc.); examples include our grants to HonestlyNae and Yoseñio V. Lewis.

In terms of support for specific, one-off projects, you could propose to host a conference, workshop, or other type of event; write or edit a book (fiction/non-fiction/comics/poetry/collection/zine/...); put on a play or storytelling event; make a film or short video series; do a photo shoot; create a podcast or vlog; make a game (videogame/boardgame/RPG/LARP); build an art installation; or create a website; to name just a few ideas. Some projects we have funded include the conference PolyDallas Millennium and The Black Trans Prayer Book.

The exact medium you use is less important to us than that your activities are 1) artistic and/or educational in some way; 2) grounded in your own identity and experiences; and 3) sex-positive (and that your sex-positivity includes being respectful of people with marginalized identities). If you aren't sure what "sex-positive" means, check out "What I Mean When I Say I'm Sex-Positive" by Cliff Pervocracy and "10 Things Sex-Positivity Is Not" by Miri Mogilevsky and read our values to get a broader sense of what sex-positivity means to us.

We prioritize submissions that do not have other options for grant funding or government support; we are not looking to fund public health or general LGBTQ+ advocacy, for example.