October 2018 Newsletter

Happy October, Foundation friends!

There's lots of exciting news to share with you: a new Advisor has joined our council, and we have a new partnership with the Sexplanations Road Tour!

We're thrilled to welcome Cecilia Gentili to our Advisory Council:

Cecilia GentiliCecilia Gentili (she/her) currently serves as the Managing Director of Policy and Public Affairs at GMHC, the world’s first and leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. Originally from Argentina, Cecilia found her passion for advocacy and community service when she started working as an intern at the LGBT Community Center in New York City several years ago. From 2012 to 2016, she managed the Transgender Health Program at the Apicha Community Health Center. Cecilia is also a contributor to Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community, and a board member at Transcend Legal and Translatina Network. For fun, she loves performing at storytelling and stand-up comedy events where she talks about her life experiences. Cecilia is very passionate about advocating for her community, especially Latina transgender women who may have a history of sex work, drug use and incarceration.

Cecilia has been making herself right at home, offering all kinds of helpful feedback to this year's grant applicants. I'm so honored to have Cecilia, with her wealth of experience and expertise, join us!

I'm also excited to announce that Dr. Lindsey Doe's new initiative, the Sexplanations Road Tour, is the pilot member of our new Partnership Program!

Sexplanations Road Tour
Is that an RV decorated with swimming sperm cells?
Must be the
Sexplanations Road Tour!

Dr. Doe has been making fabulous sex-ed videos for her Sexplanations YouTube channel, and now her team is getting ready to take her show on the road to communities that don't have good access to science-based sex education. The Effing Foundation isn't making the Road Tour a grant -- instead, we're providing financial oversight so that donations to the Road Tour are tax-deductible. Plus, a portion of those donations will stay with the Foundation to help fund our administrative costs and our other programs.

Join Dr. Doe this Sunday, 10/28, for a livestream and pre-tour party from 1pm-3pm US Eastern / 10am-1pm Pacific at https://youtube.com/sexplanations! Check out the Road Tour website to find out how you can support the tour on IndieGoGo, Patreon, and more.

What's going on with our pilot grantees:

Next month's newsletter will be coming to you just in time for Giving Tuesday: we'll be announcing our new grantees and launching our year-end fundraising campaign! I can't wait to share the news with you. Thanks again for all of your support!

Kit Stubbs, Ph.D.
Founder & Executive Director

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