May 2019 Newsletter

A photo in black and white shows two queer people tenderly embracing. Mahx Capacity rests their face and hands on Kali Sudhra's exposed breasts.

Credit: AORTA Films  "Documenting Desire"

Hello Friends of Effing,

As the U.S. battles ongoing anti-abortion legislation, we’re reminded that reproductive justice is a critical aspect of sex ed. Now more than ever, the country needs sex educators and sex-positive art to address the gaps in information that everyday people and unfortunately most legislators! are suffering from. That’s why we fund not only sex ed, but specifically marginalized communities who are often left out of sex ed entirely.

If you really care about reproductive justice, you should care about transgender rights which happens to be the title of an amazing fact sheet by National Women’s Law Center. It covers how reproductive justice extends beyond debates about reproductive organs, requiring health care access for all trans people, economic justice for trans women, and an end to violence against trans communities everywhere.

Sex-positivity isn’t always sexy, especially when it comes to fighting for justice.

We’re grateful to AORTA Films for showing us how social justice and inclusion can be tantalizing. And we’re not the only ones to notice!

(W/HOLE) won Best Fiction Feature at the Hacker Porn Festival in Rome.

The film was also unanimously voted the Best Fiction Feature Film at the Vienna Porn Film Festival.

It’s safe to say this is a must-watch film for anyone who enjoys queer pornography. Luckily you can watch all AORTA Films when you pledge just $9/month or more on Patreon. And now is the time to subscribe because Episode 6 of (W/HOLE) is about to launch on Saturday, June 1.

The Effing Foundation’s Open Call for Submissions is live, and prospective grantees have until July 31 to complete the simple one-page survey. No lengthy project proposals required, and you don’t need to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit or be affiliated with one either. For more information on our grant applications and the selection process, check out the FAQ, available in both text and audio format.

As we begin to receive amazing ideas from sex-positive artists and educators, we are also glad to receive donations that will directly fund our 2020 grantees. Our goal is to grant $60,000 for sex-positive art and education, but more donors means we can provide even more funding! You can contribute to The Effing Foundation directly through PayPal, or go to our website to offer monthly donations.

Thank you,

Dom & Kit


Dom Chatterjee, Communications Manager ([email protected])

 and Kit Stubbs, Ph.D., Founder & Executive Director ([email protected])


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