Grant Demographics

As we strive for equity in our grantmaking, it's important for us to consider what percentage of our grant funding dollars are going towards people of various marginalized identities. 

Percentage of funds to... Pilot Grant Program
2018-2019 Grant Cycle
2019-2020 Grant Cycle
#ownvoices projects 100% 100% 100%

all-POC-led projects

50% of funds to all-Black-led projects


At least 60%

all-Indigenous-led projects n/a


At least 10%

all non-Black/non-Indigenous POC-led projects n/a


At least 20%

all-white-led projects 25%


No more than 20%

projects led by all transgender and/or non-binary people (including, but not limited to, agender, genderqueer, gender fluid, intersex, and/or Two-Spirit people) 13%


At least 30%

projects where a project leader is queer 50% 67% At least 50%
...a project leader is fat 25% 61% At least 20%
...a project leader has a mental illness 38%


At least 10%

...a project leader has a chronic illness n/a 44% At least 10%
...a project leader has some other physical disability n/a 12% At least 10%
...a project leader is neurodiverse 25% 16% At least 10%
projects not previously funded 100% (this was our first grant cycle) 88% At least 80%
projects wholly or partially based in the USA 100% 100% 100%

This data is also available via a Google spreadsheet.

These are rough guidelines to help us ensure that we are being equitable in our funding. Ultimately, the decision of which projects are awarded grants belongs to the Board of Directors.