September 2019 Newsletter

Get stuck on DASAN with Disability and Sexuality Access Network stickers!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of The Disability and Sexuality Access Network!

DASANetwork is a community of researchers, practitioners, disabled advocates, allies, students, artists, and more. Their aim is to bring disability-specific issues to the fore of sexology, sexual health services, and sex-positive communities and conversations.

You can support their work by making a tax-deductible donation through The Effing Foundation, becoming a member (it’s free!), and buying their awesome stickers, pictured above. Who wouldn’t love a bumper sticker that says, “If you make it accessible, we will come”? Or “Sexual Education: Don’t fuck with it, don’t fuck without it”? These are timeless messages – and powerful work – we can definitely get behind.

This month also brings great news for non-monogamous folks. PolyDallas Millennium Symposium is returning on July 10-12, 2020! The theme will be “Open to Love”.

The Symposium provides a sex-positive, family-friendly, safe space for those who are seeking knowledge about ethical non-monogamy; have questions about ethical non-monogamy; or are experienced with ethical non-monogamy.

Learn more about next year’s event on

Last but not least, from everyone here at The Effing Foundation, we’re sending a huge thank you to the 318 applicants for our 2020 grant cycle!

Now in our third year of grantmaking, we’re outpacing our expectations in terms of reach, grantees supported, and dollars redistributed – which is only because our community has such ground-breaking and thought-provoking ideas.

We’re so excited to create a sex-positive future with all of you. Together we can shift the landscape of sex education, sex workers’ rights, and gender and sexual freedom.

With gratitude,

Dom & Kit


Dom Chatterjee, Communications Manager ([email protected])

  and Kit Stubbs, Ph.D., Founder & Executive Director ([email protected])


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