What is a conflict of interest?

The grant application form asks if I (or anyone else in my group/organization) has a relationship with anyone currently affiliated with the Effing Foundation. What kind of information are you looking for, and why are you asking?


We ask about your relationships with people currently affiliated with the Foundation to prevent possible conflicts of interest. By "people currently affiliated with the Foundation," we are talking about staff members, current Advisory Council members, and current Board members, but not grantees (current or past), past Advisory Council members, or past Board members.

By a "conflict of interest," we mean a couple of things:

  • Is there a situation where someone at the Foundation would not be able to fairly evaluate your submission?¬†
  • Is there a situation where, if we awarded you a grant, someone at the Foundation would benefit financially?

Just because you do have a relationship with someone currently at the Foundation, you can still apply! Knowing what the situation is means that we can take steps to address it.