What's different applying for a grant this year from last year?


For the 2019-2020 grant cycle, our biggest changes from last year are:

  1. We aren't able to accept applications from individuals or groups located entirely outside the United States.

  2. There are two submission forms to choose from: One if you're with a group or organization, and one if you're an individual (meaning that no one else is putting in as much time/energy into the work as you are). 

  3. You can let us know whether you want funds for either:
    - A one-off project (you want to make a book, a film, an event, a photo shoot, an art installation, ...)
    - Ongoing work (you're doing sex-positive artistic and educational work over a period of months or years by leading workshops, giving presentations, running a series of events, ...)

  4. We have a new selection of Special Topics: areas we are particularly interested in funding grants in. If your submission fits into one of these topics, you can let us know in the Open Call for Submissions survey. See "What is a Special Topic?" for more information.