What's different applying for a grant this year from last year?


For the grant cycle with applications opening in September 2022, our biggest changes from last grant cycle are:

  1. We aren't able to accept applications from individuals or groups located entirely outside the United States.

  2. We will be awarding twelve grants of $5,000 each.

  3. There is only one application form: it's the same form whether you're with a group or organization or if you're an individual (meaning that no one else is putting in as much time/energy into the work as you are); it's also the same form whether or not you have previously won a grant from the Effing Foundation.

  4. We've updated our application form to include some new questions. The entire text of the application form will be available on our Grant Application Resource Guide in August 2022. 
    • We will ask if you have any past issues in sex-positive spaces around consent or safety. We will ask how you have handled those issues in the past and how you plan to handle them with respect to the work you are seeking funding for (if relevant).
    • We will ask about your COVID mitigation and contingency plans (if relevant).
    • We will ask about your plans to support diversity, equity, and inclusion; to support accessibility; and to support people who may be unable to engage with your work in person due to the ongoing risk of COVID (if relevant).

If you are awarded a grant, and you are not a part of a 501(c)(3) organization or have a fiscal sponsor, we ask that you use your funds within eighteen months.