Grants Awarded

In the spring of 2018, the following projects were each awarded a $5,000 pilot grant:

  • The Adipositivity Project by Substantia Jones (NYC) -- nude portrait series of fat models (including queer/trans models and models of color); empowering fat people as unapologetically sexual beings through artistic photography
  • Afrosexology by Dalychia & Rafaella (St. Louis, MO) -- education, exploration, and reclaiming of Black sexuality through a new video series featuring Black people of varying genders and sexual orientations discussing their sexualities
  • eros&persephone by Lola Rose Eros (LA) -- an exploration of the human psyche through the lens of sexuality as a series of short videos by a Black transmasculinefemme self-taught artist; the stories include concepts such as safer sex practices, enthusiastic consent, scene negotiation, queer identities, gender expression, relationship dynamics, kink, and fetish
  • More Than No (LA) and Survivor Theatre Project (Boston, MA) --  theater workshops & performances that empower survivors of sexual violence, regardless of gender or sexual orientation
  • PolyDallas Millennium Symposium by Ruby Johnson, LCSW (Dallas, TX) -- PolyDallas Millennium is a sex-positive sexual health symposium that is a platform for marginalized and oppressed groups. We provide education on ethical non-monogamous relationships in an oppressive and stigmatizing society. Educators, activists, and community leaders that are representative of the attendees engage the audience in shared language and experiences. PolyDallas Millennium is a symposium that has space and joy for all communities and all ways of being.
  • Sex Ed A Go Go by Dirty Lola (NYC) -- informative & entertaining variety show featuring sex educator Lola and a wide range of guests
  • (  ) ("whole") (NYC) -- collaboration between performance company the A.O. Movement Collective & queer/feminist collective AORTA films; body-positive, queer erotic art film including performers who are queer/trans people of color

Your donation will help make more amazing projects like these come to life!